Electronic Catch Phrase Game


Electronic Catch Phrase Game

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Product Description

Think fast! The Scrabble Electronic Catchphrase game challenges you to come up with words and then pass the game fast so you don’t get caught holding the bag! Give your teammates clues so they can guess the word or phrase on the game unit’s screen. But no rhyming, first letters or parts of the word, or the other team gets a point! Once your team has guessed it, pass the unit fast to the other team. When the buzzer goes off, whoever has the unit loses a point to the other side, so move fast! When your team gets to 7 points, you win!

From the Manufacturer

Do you think you could get your friends to guess "No-brainer" without saying the words "no" or "brain"? You can gesture or use any other words you want, but you have to do it fast, because they have to say it before time runs out. With thousands of phrases across 5 cool categories, there's fun for everyone!

Tick tock, this fast passing game encourages you to keep calm and talk quickly. All you have to do is describe the word or phrase displayed on the game unit's LED screen. Once your team guesses correctly, pass the unit to the next team, and then carry on until the buzzer sounds. Make sure the other team is holding the game unit when the timer stops. Guess right, get points, win! Stay on your toes with thousands of words and phrases selected from 5 cool categories. Put it on random (or choose your favorite category) and start playing the Catch Phrase word game today.

  • Grab It, Guess It, Pass It
  • Get your team to guess the Catch Phrase term
  • Say It Fast, Play It Fast--It's a Blast
  • Keep calm, but talk fast
  • Thousands of Words and Phrases
  • Up-to-date phrases across 5 cool categories
  • Digital Timer and Scorekeeper
  • The electronic unit keeps track of your score and the time
  • Ages 8+
  • 4+ Players
  • 3 1.5V AAA size batteries required
  • Batteries not included
  • Includes Catch Phrase electronic game unit and instructions